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Anti Melatonin receptor type 1B

  • CatalogNumber LS-A109062
  • Quantity 100 µl
  • Clonality Polyclonal
  • Reactivity Human
  • Format PBS, 0.1% Sodium Azide
  • Domain/Region/ Terminus Cytoplasmic Domain
  • Applications IHC, IHC-P
  • Host Rabbit
  • Antigen MTNR1B / MT2
  • Conjugate/Tag APC
  • Purity Immunoaffinity purified
  • NCBI Full Gene Namemelatonin receptor 1B
  • NCBI Gene Aliases FGQTL2, MEL-1B-R, MT2

Anti-Melatonin receptor 1B antibodies are available from several suppliers. In humans, this protein is encoded by the gene MTNR1B. The protein may also be known as MEL-1B-R, MT2, FGQTL2, MEL-1B-R, melatonin receptor type 1B, and mel1b receptor. The reported amino acid length is 362 and the expected mass is 40.2 kDa.

Variants of this antigen may also be found in other species, including canine, porcine, monkey, mouse and rat. Visit the supplier page for more detailed antibody product information, such as specificity and validated applications.